23 february full moon astrology


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So start cleaning your space, or pack a gym bag or make a realistic to-do list that will help get the energy flowing. Then, move with intention. While this full moon will affect all the signs , there are a few that will be more affected than others. This full moon is all you, Virgo. You want to find a new job? Then get out there. Talking to someone new? Open your heart and take it to the next level.

Enjoy your increased creativity, sweet Libra.

Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Solving problems, organizing your life—all of that will benefit from thinking outside of the boundaries we set for ourselves. Try something weird. Turns out, my favorite time to floss is in the shower. I just go to town on those molars while I do a hair mask. Small changes can have big results. Let go, Aries. This full moon can be the beginning of something new and wonderful, if you let it.

So try something new. Take a deep breath in, and let it go. It is so worth it. This full moon is a great time for you to give to the greater good.

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But, she knows it must be done. We put our faith in a higher power, and we believe in the heavens and the moons effect on everything.

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Any help you could offer would be great. On the 29th and 30th, it says "CET" Please explain. Thanks, Deborah. CET and a few other abbreviations represent the names of certain constellations that the Moon is straying into other than the zodiac constellations. The positions of the actual constellations have shifted a bit, because of precession, so that they no longer quite align with those degree segments.

Monthly Horoscope | unabvamcya.tk

My youngest granddaughter is a cancer and they want to take her pacifier away. When is the signs for cancer in the feet? I am having female surgery on feb. Hi, I am a Cancer born July 7th. I am scheduled on Jan 15 to have hip replacement surgery and am worried if this is the right date astrologically. I feel that everything is so far away from me and maybe I should wait for the planets to be closer to my Cancer Sun.

Someone please advise. Thank you. I know you do not give medical advice. I am looking for the best time for open heart surgery for I am a Leo if that matters.


What is the best time for me to suggest surgery? I appreciate your help. Although I am not an astrologer myself, many of our readers look at the time when the Moon is in the sign associated with the part of the body where one is having surgery. One wants to be several signs away from that sign.

How the Full Moon of November 12, 12222 Will Affect You According to Your Zodiac Sign

For example, for dental work, you want to avoid times when the Moon is in Aries, which is associated with the head see the Man of Signs illustration on this page , and also probably Taurus, which is sometimes associated with the lower teeth. Also, you want to avoid the time of the full Moon and a few days surrounding it, as it is said that one might bleed a little more freely at those times while healing.

If you need to schedule in the few days remaining in November, then the best times might be at the very end, on November 27, 28 both Leo and 29 and 30 both Virgo of I am an aries. Thinking of the week of February 11th Any suggestions? It is also said that one should avoid the time of the full Moon, and a few days around then, because during that time, one might bleed a little more freely while healing.

Full Moon February 22, 2016 - Sidereal Astrology

The Moon is full on February 19, Although I am not an astrologer myself, based on criteria that our readers often use, if you need to have surgery that week, then perhaps Feb 15 might be best, as it is 2 signs away from Taurus. I need back surgery and am trying to hold off until a couple of days after Christmas. The signs are good for the beginning of Dec but I do not know how they are for the end. A friend read them to me but at the time I was focused on the beginning of Dec.

I have to schedule it today or tomorrow at the latest. I need to schedule surgery anterior cervical decompression with Fusion. I am an aries April What is the best time to do this.

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  8. I know aries rules the head. Would the best time be in March since pisces rules the feet and it is very far from the head neck area where I need to have c3-c7 removed. I have been putting this off, but, I realize I need to have the surgery. I am completely and utterly lost. I just need some guidance when would be the exact best dates to remove and fuse. I have tried to figure this out on my own for the past two years.

    Well, I actually decided not to do it. But, I realize I need to have this extremely barbaric , frightening surgery done. Atleast if I have a far enough date to really look to, I'm sure I could prepare mentally and physically. I wish you good luck and send you positive vibes!

    I am also an Aries April 6th. I had the same surgery I had crappy workers comp drs. You most likely have much better drs than I did! I hope this surgery helps you!! Thank you for responding.

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    8. I was never notified I had a response. I happened upon it by goggleing " okay Google, ridiculous right I was thinking March, but according to the climate, didnt realize it, but not a good time for sutguty. I'm so confused. I know the moon travels through the different signs monthly so, just because March is pisces rules feet far away from neck, doesnt necessarily mean thats the best time. That's why I came here. I have faith in God, but also mother earth. Just something a little extra that is tangible.